Monday, December 26, 2011

join us at 4:30pm tonight at Eureka Art and Frame

I am celebrating this new work at 4:30pm with a glass of champagne and a few friends. If you are about please drop in...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Hello from Jennifer and Patty

We are going to miss having an Open Studio this year but Patty and I can be reached via our email addresses for personal direct purchases. for Jennifer for Patty
If you should desire finding our things without meeting with us they are within reach.
For Patty's work check Etsy
or swing by the Northcoast Knittery on 2nd Street of Old Town Eureka, California
She is making some beautiful felt cases for iPads and laptops....

As for Jennifer She still has work at Bank of America in Arcata, California and at Mazotti's on the Arcata Plaza. But the newer pieces are beautiful watercolors executed during her month in Germany this last October at Eureka Art and Frame and also 5 new lovely 36" x 48" floor canvases at Sewell Gallery  423 F Street, Eureka, California.

I will post my floor canvases up on this blog as soon as I resize them. Better you just go on by...

Feel free to call for any studio visits as Jennifer has a lot of work that would love a home.

Happy Holidays
from Jennifer and Patty

Friday, November 25, 2011

reinhausen paintings continued

I spent the month of October in the German countryside and produced almost 70 small watercolors. These paintings will be represented by Eureka Art and Frame in Eureka, California for the next few months. 10 of them are being framed pronto and another 20 will be matted. Larger pieces will be exhibited over the following months. I have yet to decide on an opening reception but am thinking of having just a small private party either in December or early March. Regardless, you can visit the gallery space within this lovely frame shop and see some other textiles pieces of mine that have been there for a couple of months now.

I can also be reached for a private visit in my studio outside of town. Please email me @

reinhausen paintings

Friday, September 9, 2011

What September brings to shows...

During the next few months I will be showing some work in 3 various locations in Arcata and Eureka.
The first installation was at Bank of America on the Plaza in Arcata. Large walls and lovely northern light allow for the best viewing of these bold acrylics that I did over the last few years. There are a couple of framed oils and the collection of my mono prints from the ongoing silk textile series. The B of A will be open tonight during Arcata's Arts Alive and also during weekday office hours. All pieces are for sale and there is a price list on site.

The second installation in Arcata is for Joe Mazzotti at Mazzotti's on the Plaza and it is a diverse showing of mono prints, acrylics, shibori, contemporary oils, and silk mono prints. Mazzotti's will also be open tonight, September 9th,  for the Arts Alive evening. I will be there to talk about my work should you be able to step in and join me at the bar.
Contact: Joe @ Mazzotti's 707-822-1900

The Eureka location for the new few months is the petite but lovely space in Eureka Art and Frame at 1636 F Street. Gabe has been doing ongoing framing for my silk prints and his soft lighting allows for the viewer to appreciate the textile design work that make my fabrics truly unique. This show is contemporary, abstract, and has a strong eastern influence. The prices for this work are available by calling me, Jennifer, at 707-764-3877. You can also call the gallery at 707-444-2888.

I would be pleased to meet anyone at any of these locations for conversation and sales information. I look forward to hearing from you.

As a side note I will be working in Germany for the month of October on a new poetry and images book and will not be receiving emails due to the dire need of quiet to get this project up and running.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Textiles and unique prints by Jennifer Mackey and Patty Demant

Open Studio Starts Saturday the 4th of June and continues through Sunday the 5th. Join us for light refreshments, fine art and fiber works.

Visiting Artist from Paris

JF Méchain is a 63 year old french artist. He is a partner in one of the top 10 urban architectural firms in Paris and teaches in the “Paris La Seine” school of architecture.
In 1978, while Argentina was ruled by a military dictator, he spent a year in Buenos Aires and published several comics in a well known satirical magazine known as “Humor Registrado”.
In 2004 during a one year medical leave he created a prolific series of pastels. The majority of them sold in his first exhibition at “La Loge” gallery in Paris. Since 2004 he has continued painting and sketching alongside his architecture practice.
His work has ben presented in several bistros in Paris and also in the well known architectural firm, HOK, in San Francisco. 
The sketches presented this weekend are representations of his latest style dedicated to the human figure and female nudes.
He  can be reached at    

Open Studio This Weekend at CHIA JEN STUDIO

 Well, at count down we are finishing the wee bits and spending our afternoons in Chia Jen Studio. The rains continue to fall but the view is delightful and we are cozy. We will be receiving visitors this weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1961 Monument Road. (turn left at the 1906/1961 mailboxes on the left just 1.8 miles up from Rio Dell). Call us if you get lost at 707-764-3877.
Jennifer has beautiful new shrugs/cocoon jackets that are 16 mm silk crêpe de chine that have been transformed by mono-printing and shibori dye techniques. She will also be selling new framed silk mono-prints and a variety of design pieces from cards to pillows.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paintings up at the Bank of America in Arcata, California

Arcata's Bank of America: The light and walls are perfect for these pieces that have been a bit squished at home and studio. Of this series I have already sold and placed 4 over the last few years to clients living in the greater Bay Area. One of the pieces hanging is sold of those shown here. Not in this blog are 2 new smaller oils and nicely framed giclee mono prints at entry from the parking lot on northern wall. Prices range from $350 to $1500.
Please stop by and let me know what you think of these early acrylics paintings I began in 2002. The oils were painted in the 2007.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mark your calendars... we can hardly wait to see you!!

    In conjunction with NCOS
     CHIa Jen Studio
     jennifer mackey . patty demant
  June 4th and 5th, 2011
             10 a.m. till 5 p.m.
 1961 Monument Rd, Rio Dell, Ca         
    textiles, paintings, accessories

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Word From Patty Demant's Friend Ragamuffin

Hi there. My name is Ragamuffin. Patty brought me into this marvelous world. She is one clever gal. And there are quite a few in my family. Some have found homes but the ones that haven't will be at Northcoast Open Studios on June 4th and 5th at Jennifer's CHIA JEN Studio sale. It will be like a family reunion. You should come on by because there are some other little friends she made for me. I call them The Mice. Sure they are all individuals and very interesting each and every one but I cannot remember all their names so I just call them The Mice. I think there is a photo of them somewhere... I'll ask Patty to send it on later.
Do you know about Patty's process with felting? She does a process called needle felting. This approach bonds fibers together and aided with the wet felting process ends up creating a unique felting fabric. Her colors are earth colors with wonderful accents in fuschia, turquoise, and hot pink. She really loves to 'weave in' all sorts of fibers to give it an extra zing!
Oops, there go The Mice getting into the new Tarot Bags... gotta tell you about them next time! Time to chase them Micies...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

readying the inventory for June 4th and you

Before I started to go through my inventory for the Open Studio on June 4th, I had been baking bread this morning and thinking again how my abstract mono prints are so very realistic in reflecting the textures we find in nature. I sometimes feel like a conduit for nature. I adore taking the time to let surfaces speak to me. And as I was getting my heirloom tomatoes transplanted I noticed that a Cascara branch I was using to create a green house support had the loveliest spots on the bark. Seen close up one would hardly find this bark a literal or realistic view of the landscape. Every little thing makes up the whole. It cannot be separated out if it is to be fully realized or understood. A lot of the joy I find on the property comes from looking at my surroundings, breathing deep and letting it all in visually. Often this means listening carefully too. There is a symphony of spring that we can attend to for free. 
     What does this have to do with art? I guess I would ask what does it not have to do with art? It certainly informs mine from the first to the last thought and stroke. So if you get by for the Open Studio I encourage you to walk the 'wild' grounds here and see what it is that has informed my work. Most of you will already be blessed with living in this gorgeous Pacific Northwest and see a lot of familiarity. For those of you new to the area, even 5 acres has a lot to show.

Friday, April 8, 2011

winter slowly hands itself over to spring

There will be so much to do in the garden and in the studio to ready ourselves for this summer with vacationers to retreat to the studio and the Northcoast Open Studio we have planned for the first weekend in June. I will be sharing this weekend with my dear friend Patty Demant who continues to inspire and support my own artistic and bumpy path.
After a long year of grief and personal exploration I find myself being healed by the surrounding landscape of this Chia Jen Studio. My work has spread into more writings with emphasis on poetry. The textile work is being pushed towards an end result for a jacquard woven course that I will be attending in August. It has been a decade since I first researched translation of my surface design into complex tapestry and jacquard wovens. Finally I will be able to see the 'translation' on at least a small scale.
As the theme of my work has been accessing a more dimensional result in textile design I will continue to use a variety of applications to execute interesting patterns that can be even further developed with the jacquard system.
All this is to say that I continue to work, albeit reclusively, in my redwood retreat. I am finding that not for the first time in my life, nature embraces my creative efforts and delivers a path out of sorrow into new life and ideas. I can only hope that I will be able to focus these images, words, and designs into art work that you will find interesting when you come to visit. Perhaps you will even be driven to purchase, thus supporting this walk back into 'life' and creation that I am traveling on.
I want to take this moment to thank everyone for all your support this last year as you helped me carry the greatest burden a mother can know... the loss of her child.
On a brighter note, I want to mention that Patty and I are hoping to really celebrate creativity and the arts on that first weekend so if you stop by there should be some music and food and drink.
Life is short eh? So we best get on with indulging in it and give ourselves over to the life force!