Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Word From Patty Demant's Friend Ragamuffin

Hi there. My name is Ragamuffin. Patty brought me into this marvelous world. She is one clever gal. And there are quite a few in my family. Some have found homes but the ones that haven't will be at Northcoast Open Studios on June 4th and 5th at Jennifer's CHIA JEN Studio sale. It will be like a family reunion. You should come on by because there are some other little friends she made for me. I call them The Mice. Sure they are all individuals and very interesting each and every one but I cannot remember all their names so I just call them The Mice. I think there is a photo of them somewhere... I'll ask Patty to send it on later.
Do you know about Patty's process with felting? She does a process called needle felting. This approach bonds fibers together and aided with the wet felting process ends up creating a unique felting fabric. Her colors are earth colors with wonderful accents in fuschia, turquoise, and hot pink. She really loves to 'weave in' all sorts of fibers to give it an extra zing!
Oops, there go The Mice getting into the new Tarot Bags... gotta tell you about them next time! Time to chase them Micies...

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