Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Around the Corner Now

Well, still in the Bay Area after a beautiful adventure to Paris. Visited friends, artists, museums, cafes and well you know, all the things one likes to do in Paris. Truly the city of lights when you hang with Ian as he has that evening hour schedule down.

Friends loved the new book. I did not get into showing it to galleries. One week was not enough to work too hard.

Now I am gearing up for the weekend Open Studio with Patty. I know she has been really stitching and felting away too.

As for myself, I am offering original art work and giclee prints at a major discount. I am also organizing nice little gifts to make everyone cozy during the holidays.

Remember that art and music are the best gifts for the heart and soul of everyone. Come on by and visit us with friends and family...

Questions? Call 764-3877 or email
date: 12 and 13 December
time: 11 - 4 pm
place: Chia Jen Studio / 1961 Monument Road / Rio Dell / Ca
your job: email this link to all your artistically sensitive friends so we have a great turn out!