Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winter rains

While I work on getting a studio space cleaned and organized for the bay area I wonder about when I will get the painting begun and the sewing machine fixed for the Humboldt County studio and textile work. I am anxious to get going. I managed to paint out a wall in my bay area bedroom in blackboard black paint. I have scribbled on it. It seemed to help with artist's block.
I go back to Paris in a few weeks and will meet with a few artists and perhaps a gallery owner. I'll bring some samples of textiles for interiors to explain how versatile my thinking and art work is.
Best works are getting stretched and framed... canvases are being left unframed from now on. I am thinking of skies and the long view.
This is the black board wall empty... it is already filling up with prose and sketches.
Even in this rain filled darkness there is a daffodil lightness pushing up.
There will be spring's creation and new works to share.