Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Visiting Artist from Paris

JF Méchain is a 63 year old french artist. He is a partner in one of the top 10 urban architectural firms in Paris and teaches in the “Paris La Seine” school of architecture.
In 1978, while Argentina was ruled by a military dictator, he spent a year in Buenos Aires and published several comics in a well known satirical magazine known as “Humor Registrado”.
In 2004 during a one year medical leave he created a prolific series of pastels. The majority of them sold in his first exhibition at “La Loge” gallery in Paris. Since 2004 he has continued painting and sketching alongside his architecture practice.
His work has ben presented in several bistros in Paris and also in the well known architectural firm, HOK, in San Francisco. 
The sketches presented this weekend are representations of his latest style dedicated to the human figure and female nudes.
He  can be reached at    

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