Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a few small items..

there are little gifts for sharing your love like handmade soaps and eye pillows....

25% off Holiday Sale for Jennifer Mackey's prints and paintings

In an effort to clear out inventory and make more art available at lower prices I am discounting acrylics, oils, and giclee's by 25%...

There will be loads of little items @ $25 and less also.

To include but not limited to pillows, eye pillows, bath salts, small indian handmade books I brought back from Jalsimar, India, shibori textiles, limited edition cards and so on.


Jennifer and Patty are really having a good time with creating colorful and abstract gifts for this weekend open studio. We do hope you come by and visit and make it a wonderful weekend by sharing in our holiday cheer... Eggnog, Hot Apple Cider, Cookies and a bit of piano music to keep you cozy after a probably drive in winter rains. Call for directions : 707-764-3877

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Around the Corner Now

Well, still in the Bay Area after a beautiful adventure to Paris. Visited friends, artists, museums, cafes and well you know, all the things one likes to do in Paris. Truly the city of lights when you hang with Ian as he has that evening hour schedule down.

Friends loved the new book. I did not get into showing it to galleries. One week was not enough to work too hard.

Now I am gearing up for the weekend Open Studio with Patty. I know she has been really stitching and felting away too.

As for myself, I am offering original art work and giclee prints at a major discount. I am also organizing nice little gifts to make everyone cozy during the holidays.

Remember that art and music are the best gifts for the heart and soul of everyone. Come on by and visit us with friends and family...

Questions? Call 764-3877 or email info.chiajen@gmail.com
date: 12 and 13 December
time: 11 - 4 pm
place: Chia Jen Studio / 1961 Monument Road / Rio Dell / Ca
your job: email this link to all your artistically sensitive friends so we have a great turn out!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What December Will Bring

bath salts by jennifer mackey

Patty Demant, knitter, stitcher, quilter, teacher, felter... and I, textile studio artist, thought it would be good fun to celebrate the holidays with an open studio and craft sale. This will be a relaxed weekend of meeting with friends, drinking eggnogs, eating holiday cookies and listening to some piano tunes... and well enjoying the holiday season in Humboldt County.

We are organizing small gift items to sale, housewares in felt, linens for table and home, baths salts for really getting in the winter groove, and a variety of Chia Jen Studio products.
Price range will be mostly low with a few high priced items if you feel inclined to bring home a painting or silk scarf.

I will keep you posted as items get selected. For now just mark your calendars for December 12th and 13th at the Chia Jen Studio from 11 am to 4 pm.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

publishing earth series book

i am excited about this project. baby steps that have taken a long time coming.

i began some of the monoprints just after 9/11 and later with our great concern for the future of this lovely planet, wove some of the ideas and images together.

but underneath all of our 'stories', whether political or environmental, is the personal history that effects how we interpret everything that goes on around us.

this is one interpretation. with any luck there will be more in the future.

i look forward to your feedback.

By jennifer mackey

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

how could i forget the trees?

not everyone sees the forest for my trees but i see landscapes in everything i do. i am a realist in the long run.

Monday, July 20, 2009

so here are the ocean pieces in process:

these are hanging and drying before i lay it back out on the printing table for the next run...

ocean thoughts in process 7-20-09

i have a moment or two left today in the studio and will continue to work on the series i began last week, these ocean pieces are lovely just as is i think but i am going to keep some layers going and see how it all builds up.

this has been the finest week i have spent this year. getting reacquainted with my thoughts and painterly vision. in the process of the work i found myself picking up the loose thread of subconscious creativity that has colored my adult life.

it has been a wonderful wave to ride and i hope to stay in the ocean of creativity more often than not now.

i guess i am just remembering who i am and how to find my voice. so if you cannot find me via telephone or fax... just know i am having a hell of a lot of fun and will share it with you when the wave reaches the shore!

even a few pieces finished!

studio week 7-13-08

i had fallen into quite a funk about the studio time and the suffering of artist block. what gets us into the studio and what can keep us from being distracted by outside responsibilities?
speaking to my son on the phone, day after his birthday, i told him i was hanging it up. he balked and dared me. if you know me well you will know that dares are dangerous. i just do not do them anymore as i got married not only once but twice because of a dare. love had something to do with it too. well, i love my son more than any man and so this dare i took, shook off the artists block and hide... in the studio. i ate, slept, bathed, organized, ironed, cleaned and printed for a good portion of the next 5 days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winter rains

While I work on getting a studio space cleaned and organized for the bay area I wonder about when I will get the painting begun and the sewing machine fixed for the Humboldt County studio and textile work. I am anxious to get going. I managed to paint out a wall in my bay area bedroom in blackboard black paint. I have scribbled on it. It seemed to help with artist's block.
I go back to Paris in a few weeks and will meet with a few artists and perhaps a gallery owner. I'll bring some samples of textiles for interiors to explain how versatile my thinking and art work is.
Best works are getting stretched and framed... canvases are being left unframed from now on. I am thinking of skies and the long view.
This is the black board wall empty... it is already filling up with prose and sketches.
Even in this rain filled darkness there is a daffodil lightness pushing up.
There will be spring's creation and new works to share.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

back to the wee farm and studio

I come back to beauty and the work of an artist that resides on 5 beautiful acres in the Pacific Northwest. There are textures and surfaces that visually explode around me. Each day and each moment is different and new. I am refreshed by it. When tired, I take a few minutes and walk into the wild winter's waste.
The decay has such color and already pushing through is the spring's first words. Nature pokes through into this sunny winter day with young tulip leaves. The rhubarb is tattered but promising a dinner or two. The delphinium delights me as it gives and gives and each new young plant is last year's offspring. This ramshackle garden is a continual joy. Now back to work!