Tuesday, July 21, 2009

how could i forget the trees?

not everyone sees the forest for my trees but i see landscapes in everything i do. i am a realist in the long run.

Monday, July 20, 2009

so here are the ocean pieces in process:

these are hanging and drying before i lay it back out on the printing table for the next run...

ocean thoughts in process 7-20-09

i have a moment or two left today in the studio and will continue to work on the series i began last week, these ocean pieces are lovely just as is i think but i am going to keep some layers going and see how it all builds up.

this has been the finest week i have spent this year. getting reacquainted with my thoughts and painterly vision. in the process of the work i found myself picking up the loose thread of subconscious creativity that has colored my adult life.

it has been a wonderful wave to ride and i hope to stay in the ocean of creativity more often than not now.

i guess i am just remembering who i am and how to find my voice. so if you cannot find me via telephone or fax... just know i am having a hell of a lot of fun and will share it with you when the wave reaches the shore!

even a few pieces finished!

studio week 7-13-08

i had fallen into quite a funk about the studio time and the suffering of artist block. what gets us into the studio and what can keep us from being distracted by outside responsibilities?
speaking to my son on the phone, day after his birthday, i told him i was hanging it up. he balked and dared me. if you know me well you will know that dares are dangerous. i just do not do them anymore as i got married not only once but twice because of a dare. love had something to do with it too. well, i love my son more than any man and so this dare i took, shook off the artists block and hide... in the studio. i ate, slept, bathed, organized, ironed, cleaned and printed for a good portion of the next 5 days.