Friday, October 10, 2008

thinking about my sensory response to this shibori

The autumn leaves, les feuilles mortes...drift by my window

 ...and I stitch a few last pieces to pack for the upcoming show at La Loge and the trunk show at Musée du Quai Branly.
I am just getting into a 'groove' in the studio. This always happens before an exhibition. It is the focusing that finally takes hold for me when I have a deadline. A stream of consciousness with the tapestry of textile design develops.

I often commence my lift off dye technique with a black dyed solid silk .  The tonal contrast seems 'earthy' to me when the camel tone areas are reveealed .
This reiteration of dark and light imagery in an abstract stripe seems to call to mind an animal's coat, or a ripple in a shadowed creek bed. The sense of opposites are ignited such as a night and day or a shiver against the autumn sun. It is the symbolic gesture of beginning and end, life and death , movement and arrest.
The organic sense in these particular pieces call out to me to touch the fabric . This is a desired reponse I have always sought. I believe it is the shibori addition that brings that necessary dimension and visual enticement. It is almost like there is a quiet breathe within it.

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