Wednesday, October 22, 2008

à Paris with old friends and new images

Here in Paris, a fall day, light rain yesterday, cooling a bit. Great visit to Normandy and a friend's home on Saturday with perfect sunny warm weather.
Now we are busy with last minute errands as our show opens tonight from 6 pm on. Please join us! See announcement below:

As for how I am fairing personally...
It is great to be back in France. Always feels a bit like coming home. So much to take in and endless surprises.
The annual Fiac is taking place this week so there will be loads of artwork, great masters and my favorite contemporary artists from gallery collections all over the world. (See your local A NOUS Paris / city magazine Paris #411 du 20 au 26 Octobre 2008)LES Affaires Culturelles événement.... fabulous.

Saturday night will be a visit to Theatre Champs d'Elyséés to see Europa Danse performance using Picasso costumes. Of course first there is salsa dance outing tomorrow evening with a girlfriend of Nadia's who is said to be a fabulous dancer...time is flying by and I am getting work done! Certainly my french is improving.
Alors... à toute à l'heure I must go buy a croissant for breakfast! So I will just pop across the street to the local boulangerie for one. cheers...jen

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