Monday, October 27, 2008

monday, monday ....

dimanche / sunday was a perfect Parisian day of Museum visits: starting at Fondation Cartier where we saw the César exhibit (sculpture friend of the renowned architect Jean Nouvel), lunch at a crêperie in Montparnasse, followed by the visit to Espace Pierre-Cardin / `show off...' where we listened to a 2 hour discussion on fashion and art and visited many little galleries set up within the beautiful Espace Pierre -Cardin (which is located next to the American Embassy and the incredible 4 star Hotel Crillon (equal to our 5 star, if the French were to use a 5 star billing)... lovely day with Nadia finished with a nice meal in the 13eme arrondissement chez Resto JF Méchain.

I forgot to bring my camera but encourage you to check out the following websites to see some information photos.
FYI I particularly loved César's collection called Compression. I am sure you can find information on his exceedingly well known contemporary sculpture.

Fondation Cartier
Show Off - Paris
Pierre Cardin

As for our visit last Friday to Fiac etc.see the following sites


And today's visit will be at Slick. This is in new space for events called le Centquatre....5,rue Curial or 104, rue d'Aubervilliers int the 19th arrondissement.


Somewhere in this day I will move out of the north of Paris and into a chic little apartment in the 1er district (central Paris)...Metro Pyramides. Finishing with dining tonight with the Jacquets in the 13eme.

Maybe today I shall bring my camera....I will certainly continue to make notes for my own studio work. All of our gallery visits have nurtured the beginning designs for my future studio projects, both interior and exterior. Fabulous..., it takes a visit to Paris to get me this excited about my own personal work.

Music I have been listening to: Jacques Brel, Manu Chao, Abd Al Malik, Nougaro, Sanseverino, Juliette Greco, Lloyd, Ahmad Jamal

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