Saturday, February 7, 2015

As 2015 sets in... 622 Second Street Eureka goes on a sabbatical...

I have just looked at the time frame of my last blog... four months ago! It has been a wonderful autumn and I have received good responses and sales. Specifically my silk cocoon wraps did the best. The gallery at 622 Second Street met so many expectations that I had when I opened almost a full year ago.
Now in full winter mode I am looking at the windup or wind down of this lovely old town studio gallery space.

I played with new colors,
moving away from my well known black.
Some nice surprises came with it and creative juices flowed.

I still feel the most connected to the blacks as background with
simple lift off dye techniques bringing three dimensionality.
I have continued to push the idea of adding and subtracting
in my development of design. The surprises that my shibori
techniques bring are most often perfect. But sometimes this intuitive
process brings some sorrow and I am then back at the printing
table pushing to save and enhance an unusual beginning. It is in
the saving of an unwanted offspring that I find some of the most
interesting patterns emerging and new ideas for future projects.

I had the good fortune of a beautiful young model, my niece Mikaela, who indulged my request for shooting these silks in a three dimensional form. Even in my apparel industry days I found that the silks I have always worked with really came to life when the models moved in them. Wrapping and unwrapping of silks can be the most sumptuous of fabric play. There is not another fabric that I have worked with that is so versatile and well received. It is loved for is draping, its warmth, its sensual nature and its durability.

The cocoons have become a piece that can be scarf, dress, wrap, skirt and even in one case a throw of exquisite design for those who have everything.

Mikaela is showing two separate pieces as skirt and wrap. These are approximately 48" by 60". They are very generous by measure and make a gorgeous wall hanging for any contemporary home. This of course also answers the question when men arrive in the gallery and say they love the work but how to manage it, not being the skirt wearing sort... Voila..hang these unique one of a kind pieces. Soften your world and home with a one of kind hand designed, printed, screened silk.

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