Saturday, February 7, 2015

Before I go too far.. let's look at the gallery

When I spoke of black in the last post... I referred to these pieces that I think have a more Asian quality. There is a certain balance of power between the color and open spaces of untouched black. Each of these cocoons shown hanging are backed with solid black silk that peeks through at the edges when being worn. They can also be worn inside out so that the person wearing the garment has a very quiet look with the excitement of traditional kimono at the edges. Showing on the wall are pieces that primarily use the Japanese shibori technique of stitch resist. It is labor intensive but allows for a very energetic line. It is the movement in surprise and creation that I want to maintain in my work. It is here where I know that none can recreate what nature has done. Each and every piece has been directed and pushed by my design and artistic sensibilities yet they are creatures of their own. They breath, they live and they delight in abstract chaotic beauty.

 By winter time, in late November, I had come across some beautiful Merino wool from a wool coat and vest line I had done in the 90's. This beautiful black wool called to me. Play with me, push away from the slippery silks... so I used some of the shibori techniques and did a small line of pieces that all sold quickly.

These wide scarves shown on Mikaela as skirt and wrap were a nice addition to the light weight of most silks the gallery had been showing. They were perfect for the winter months. I went up to Portland Oregon to purchase a few yards more of their lovely black wools and finished the series. All are gone but the seed is planted for next years cooler climate.

Mikaela Mackey wearing winter 2014 woolens

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