Saturday, September 6, 2014

September . Algae as Art

I have been working in my backyard. I have been digging in the garden, cleaning the pond, weeding, pruning, laughing, crying, singing, walking, drinking, eating and generally living life on my 5 acres. I have been spending a lot of time thinking and watching the world around me. I having been waiting for my own Godot. In lieu of Godot showing a myriad of others have arrived. Some visitors are animals and others plants new to me. The algae in the pond has been a vibrant shape shifting visitor. This specific algae that speaks to this months show is only in place for about one month a year. When working on cleaning the pond a few years ago I found the 'hand' of the algae wonderful and began to shape and change, add and subtract, and generally fall in love with the stuff.

 This show explores some of the ideas I mentioned in my last blog about the beauty of decay and transformation. I think it is beautiful in its simplicity. It reminds most people of those paper wasp nests which is such a compliment to me. I have mixed a bit of this and that from the property and manipulated minimally so as to not pull the natural energy from it

With this photo above you are looking at July's show and part of that conversation of beauty and decay. As we follow the birth of something and see it change it writes its own story. As with any fiber piece I have worked on in the last 34 years, I add and subtract from the initial material. I am always hoping to let the natural beauty speak and maintain its simple majestic voice.

This is a wonderful mobile... Impossible to photograph properly here so you will just have to come by for a visit....... Hope to see you soon. Tonight the 6th of September is the opening. 6 to 9 pm 

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