Saturday, April 5, 2014

opening STUDIO 622 an art gallery at 622 Second Street, Eureka, CA

The quiet studio in the redwoods affords me comfort and creative energy. And I have been working in my space since 1985 when we built it. I thrive on the solitude and yet find from time to time it is important to go out into the world to share with others. With this in mind I have decided to rent a gallery space in Old Town Eureka for one year. This will be a year of representing myself with a new show each month exhibiting different themes. I have been all over the map both in mediums used and physically. It all comes from one heart and mind, my own. And I thought it was time I make myself a bit more public and enjoy this beautiful community on the coast of northern California. Even in the setting up of this sweet space I have found good fun in walking along the sidewalks of Old Town and having so much available to me. You must remember I have been based in the marvelous and mysterious woods. So now this ease of walking out my new gallery door and into the quiet urban scene of Eureka is a delight. I think I have the best of both worlds and it should keep the fire light under my creative self for awhile.

Tonight will be my first show. I am starting with textiles as most people know me from that sensibility. I will be adding and subtracting to textiles with watercolors, collages, poetry, sculpture, etc. This is a creative and understated playhouse for me. I invite you to pop in tonight or any Thursday through Saturday from 12-6 pm. I will be firm on those hours beginning May 1st. I am always available by appointment and you are always welcome to set up an appointment to come out and see my artist retreat  in the redwoods.

Please send this on to anyone you think might like to stop in. I have not begun to advertise yet. This was all thrown together on a creative whim.

The best of spring to you!


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