Saturday, April 5, 2014

FIBER for April's announcement


We are swaddled in it, we are buried in it wrapped like mummies or in the satin of a coffin.
Silk heals and hemp constructs.
It warms us and defines us by the clothe upon our back.

And what is rag paper that we have painted upon but the very thing we touch and come back to through generations.
Papyrus for the scholar and for the river banks
Histories have been woven into textiles long before the print and we express through fiber though it will decay with time.
From dust to dust...
yet in between our birth and death fiber allows for wonderful exploration of creativity in the nature surrounding us.

Studio 622 . a gallery . 622 Second St. Eureka . CA 95565

I will be exhibiting creations in fiber, of fiber and on top of fiber for the next year. My inspiration comes from landscapes and textures. Though not a realist, I see my process as closely identifying with the surface structures of all organic things and the natural beauty I wake up to everyday.
The work exhibited will be representing decades of work from textiles created for the fashion industry, interior design projects, sculptural exploration of fabrics, fine art works of mixed media and a bit of poetry.


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