Thursday, February 22, 2018

working with fiber and a certain lyricism

I have been writing over the years. I have written poems that are a pathway to understanding my inner world and the effect the natural world has upon my life transitions. The inter connection between the natural world and my inner self is always fluid. I have used fiber and textile for most of my artistic career. I am now adding a bit of poetry too, tucking it is here and there, along with photography of the landscape that speaks to me so often. I have found that how we interpret the world around us is imperative to how we make adjustments to challenges and find a way forward.

In the middle of this sort of dialogue is the question of my aging, how I see the world now as youth and beauty shift and present themselves differently. There is a new vocabulary that finds itself within my writing. There are words I did not think would be used when I was young, at least not often. These new words bring new imagery about death, decay, the meaning of aging and what the new image of beauty is.

Having seen such a great deal of death within the last decade and witnessing my own self moving into a different cycle, I have recalibrated my vision of beauty.

I think there is a tremendous value in the process of aging, the patina of life that wraps us up into a new type of nest. I am optimistic that if I can treasure the beauty of decay that I too can move forward in a joyfulness that all those who have gone before me would wish for.

It is not an easy feat in our society to embrace death and decay but what I see in these processes is the opportunity for enlightenment and rebirth.

Whether or not I can express any of these ideas in the upcoming show is as of yet unknown. I do however wish that you might visit the show at Piante and have some comment about what speaks to you and what does not.

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