Sunday, January 3, 2010

eco sequoia fabric shoot

as you might remember i just self published my first book called earth series. the response has been good and i was happy with it. it is a good first edition. i am still searching other papers and lower prices as it is quite expensive for me to produce and perhaps a bit pricey for my friends and family.
so, i was checking out the little book idea on iphoto. i am now awaiting 3 little books of just snapshots for this show i want to organize this year.
there has always been a question around my 'abstract' art. i call myself a landscape artist. few understand it. so my idea is to show people how my work blends directly with nature and in fact how strong the connection if between my work and what i see in the outdoors.
i decided it is merely a question of the proximity. that would mean in my case, seeing things through a macro lens instead of a telephoto lens. you know, up close and personal.
here are a few shots for the study. and the wee book is only $5 if you want one. i will get them soon...
cheers, and enjoy your local redwood! and your local textile artist jennifer...

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